As a level 1 beard grower you may have a couple of questions in regards to beard oil.  What are the benefits of beard oil?  How is beard oil used or applied, and how much do you use?  What is even in beard oil?  Can you use beard oil on a long beard or short beard?  No fear traveler, this article was conjured up to help guide you on your journey!

Beard oil has many benefits to help you along your beard journey and those include:


The largest benefit of beard oil is that it's a great skin moisturizer. Your body naturally creates an oil called sebum, which helps to moisturize your skin and promote healthy hair. However the amount of sebum the body produces isn't enough to keep up as your beard grows longer.  And thus beard oil helps to fill the void and give an aiding hand.  Our plant based, all natural, organic beard oil won't interfere with your natural sebum production.  It will help nourish your skin and allow your beard to grow into glory.


There are two reasons that quickly come to mind as to why some men abandon their beard journey early on.  Not being able to get passed the "patchy" beard stage.  Or unable to deal with the beard itch in the early stages.

Why the beard itch?  In the early stages a beard that is not maintained properly tends to be coarse, as facial hair is naturally dehydrated easily.  Split ends occur and as the beard continues to grow the skin beneath dries out from a lack of moisture. You're being pricked by sharp hairs and dealing with dry skin, a scratch-tastic and itchy combination.  Beard oil is your ally in this battle.  The primary benefit of beard oil is hydrating and moisturizing your skin beneath the beard.  It helps to keep the skin beneath the beard in good health and as a lovely bonus it helps soften the beard hair as they grow.


Did you know the skin beneath your beard is more prone to dandruff than your head hair?  Snowflakes? Nope, it's beardruff.  This goes hand in hand with an itchy beard and further demonstrates the importance of beard skin hydration.  An itchy and dry beard will create dandruff.. beardruff.  Don't be the reason people are asking if it's Christmas in July because of your beardflakes.  Moisturize your skin with beard oil and rid yourself of beard itch and beardruff, or beard dandruff.


This is a dual benefit worthy of the cause.  Our beard oils are scented with the finest essential oils and all natural fragrance oils.  Our scent blends are 100% unique, only sold at Valorhood.  Each one consciously crafted to provide an exciting adventurous aroma.  In our humble opinion they smell fantastic!  So much so we found it motivating to keep on growing our beard.  Almost like an all natural, organic, facial cologne.  A very natural smelling beard oil with an intimate aroma.  Applying beard oil after a shower leaves you feeling fresh, it's invigorating, and helps one battle through the patchy beard struggle!


No guess-work here.  Our beard oil is composed of eight nutrient rich carrier oils that are pure, plant based, organic, all-natural, and cold pressed. Scented with the finest essential oils and all-natural fragrance oils.  And that's it! No fillers, synthetics, or harmful chemicals.  Just handcrafted goodness.  The eight carrier oils that make up our beard oil ingredients are Apricot Kernel Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, and Pure Vitamin E Oil.  These oils were carefully selected to provide a beard oil that was non-greasy, effective in fighting the itch, prolonged the scent profile of our essential oils, and would help grow a healthier beard.

Apricot Kernel Oil:. Is one of the best oils for your beard and skin.  It is nice, light, and one of quickest absorbing oils to use for your beard.  Quick absorbing means it won't leave your beard feeling greasy. A non-greasy beard makes for a great feeling beard.  It's nutrient rich properties will also help promote healthy beard hair growth.

Camellia Seed Oil: Is highly moisturizing and hydrating for your beard.  This is a core ingredient as beard oil is meant to take care of your skin and reduce beard itch.  And that is why it is one of the highest ingredients in our beard oil.  Camellia Seed Oil strengthens your beard hairs at the root and helps to add a healthy shine.  Again, Camellia Seed Oil is also very light and quick absorbing to help provide a non-greasy beard grooming routine.

Sweet Almond Oil:  Another all star carrier oil to be included in our beard oil.  It helps to reduce acne and inflammation in the skin.  This will further help to ease the dreadful beard itch.  Sweet Almond Oil also contains magnesium, which is vital for beard growth.  A core ingredient to help you grow a better beard.

Jojoba Oil:. One of the best beard oils to relieve dry, itchy skin.  Which further reduces beard itch and dandruff. It highly moisturizes your beard and skin which helps to reduce breakage and split ends.   Which will help lead the way to a healthier and fuller beard.

Hemp Oil: Helps to replenish vital oils and is rich in omeg-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  It also locks in moisture which aids in reducing skin inflammation and beard irritation.  Assists in Keratin production, resulting in healthier hair and has a slower absorption rate to help prolong the scent profile.

Avocado Oil:  Rich in Vitamin B and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  Both of which are essential nutrients to promote strong beard growth.  Avocado oil is also a wonderful skin softener and moisturizer.  As stated many times, beard oil is meant to help the skin beneath the beard and avocado is a fantastic aid here.  Further helps to reduce itching, dry areas, promoting excellent skin health and an epic environment for your beard to grow.

Castor Oil: Helps provide thicker fuller hairs in our beard oil.  Castor oil has anti-fungal properties to help keep your skin and beard healthy.  It also greatly reduces beardruff, or beard dandruff.

Vitamin E: Loaded with antioxidant properties that nurture the skin and support healthy beard growth.  Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress at the skin level, which aids to improve follicular production.  Another key ingredient to fight off beard itch and beard dandruff.



A little really does go a long way!  This is the most true statement for most beard products. There are some common mistakes when it comes to utilizing beard oil but no fear, we will guide you down the proper path.

We recommend applying beard oil at least once a day.  Preferably after a shower or beard wash, while the hair is still slightly damp.  You absolutely can apply beard oil to a dry beard, however we feel there is a more thorough and even application when applied to lightly damp hair. You can also apply beard oil multiple times a day with no adverse effects. The trick is to avoid applying too much product.  Too much of any beard oil will leave your beard feeling oily and greasy, no matter how carefully it was formulated.  Our beard oil is crafted with some of the lightest and best absorbing carrier oils, and when applied properly leaves a wonderful feeling and smelling beard. 

Finding the right amount for you may take some trial and error.  You want to apply just enough so that it fully absorbs, leaving behind a nice aroma. Always start small and scale up with one drop until you find your desired amount.

Our recommendation would be as follows

  • Stubble beard- about 2 Drops
  • Short beard- about 3-4 Drops
  • Medium beard- about 5-7 Drops
  • Long beard- 7+ depending on preference

Once you know your desired amount it's time for the application!  A common mistake is pouring some random amount of beard oil into the palm of your hand and proceeding to completely coat the outside of your beard.  As stated previously the main benefit of beard oil is to hydrate and moisturize your skin.  So this would be wrong!  You actually want to do your best to apply the oil directly to your skin!  To achieve this effectively we recommend taking the dropper and dropping the desired oil amount onto your fingertips directly.  Rub your fingertips together to spread evenly.  Take your fingertips and massage the beard oil directly onto the skin. Continue to massage into the skin until most of the beard oil has been applied. Wipe the remnants of the beard oil onto the outer parts of your beard hair.  Comb or brush your beard to help evenly distribute further.   And now you're ready to roll!  Your beard looks great and your beard feels great.

Having beard oil in your arsenal and added to your daily routine will help promote a happy and healthy beard.  Valorhood's beard oil not only contains the most beneficial oils for your beard but also is crafted with care of the land on which we live.  Our beard oil is sustainably crafted with nature's best intentions in mind.  Do you love nature?   Respect the land?  Have a sense for adventure?  Then give Valorhood's products a try!