Our Quest

Provide Eco-Friendly Plant Based Grooming Products

Our Story - Feel Good

A better way for products used everyday!

Why aren't other companies utilizing the benefits of nature and using only plant based ingredients?  Why in today's world of advancement is there not a focus on prioritizing sustainability? These are the questions we asked ourselves and what ignited our passion to take this journey. Valorhood was founded on the principle that we can craft quality grooming products while helping to boost nature's constitution.

As a husband and wife duo, we set out to provide a better way for the everyday.  We`ve always had a profound respect for nature's beauty and wanted to do our part to help preserve it.  Nature has so many resources to offer, with proper formulation, harmful chemicals and synthetics can be avoided.  We want you to feel good in every aspect, your mind, body, and soul.  Our mission is to provide you with quality products for your hair, beard, and body while reducing our impact on nature.  Feel good knowing that you're doing your part to use a more sustainable means to your personal care routine.

Our Quest - Do Good

Forge a stronger bond with nature!

Why not give back to the land from which we take?  Nature is gifting us with an abundance of nutrient rich ingredients and we feel it would be unethical to only take, and take, and take without giving back.  That is why we are proudly partnered with One Tree Planted!  We are dedicated to doing good by planting one tree with each order processed.  We help you look good all while doing good, which hopefully makes you feel great!

Our Values - Be Good

Consciously balance our needs with nature's existence!

From day one we were planting trees with each order processed.  From day one we were utilizing aluminum bottles over plastic and limiting our overall plastic use.  From day one we have only been using organic oils and plant based ingredients.  Can the products you currently use make that claim?  Helping you and the earth grow better together has always been our quest from day one.

This is the brotherhood that is Valorhood, where we are Bonded By Nature.  We hope you join us.  Shop Now


Corey M., Founder and CEO