Rogue Sleuth Beard Oil
Rogue Sleuth Beard Oil
Rogue Sleuth Beard Oil

Rogue Sleuth Beard Oil

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Size: 1oz / 30ml

Roasted coffee sneaks around with notes of patchouli, vetiver, amyris, and cardamom to provide a slightly musky, partially earthy, and lightly spicy comforting aroma.

    Inquisitive, stealthy, keen observation, and an eye for detail make the Rogue Sleuth ideal for solving mysteries and finding clues. Opting for coffee rather than ale, to keep his mind sharp and wits about him. He ponders over information from the night prior. At last, the answer comes forth. With a cloak cinched, daggers and magnifying glass equipped, he silently moves through the night.

    Beard oil offers many advantages when incorporated into your daily routine - from helping to stop the dreaded beard itch, to nourishing your beard, and keeping your skin healthy underneath. Beard oil's primary focus is to care for your skin beneath the beard, rather than the actual hair. It is softening and beneficial to your facial hair, that is an added bonus. But, Beard Butter is better suited for your facial hair and Beard Oil for the skin beneath.

    Naturally, facial hair is easily dehydrated, which leads to split ends and your skin beneath drying out. Our bodies naturally produce an oil called sebum, which helps to moisturize your skin and keep hair healthy. However, the amount of sebum the body produces isn't enough to keep up as your beard grows longer. Valorhood's beard oil helps fill that void. Providing organic nutrient rich carrier oils to deliver a quality nourishing and moisturizing beard oil.

    Apricot Kernel Oil*, Camellia Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Castor Oil*, Pure Vitamin E Oil*, Essential Oils and Natural Fragrance Oils

    *Denotes an Organic Ingredient

    We recommend applying beard oil at least once a day. Preferably after a shower or beard wash, while the hair is still slightly damp. You absolutely can apply beard oil to a dry beard, however we feel there is a more thorough and even application when applied to lightly damp hair.

    Finding the right amount for you may take some trial and error. You want to apply just enough so that it fully absorbs, leaving behind a nice aroma. Always start small, a little goes a long way! Slowly scale up, adding a drop a day, until you find your desired amount.

    Our recommendation would be as follows

    Stubble beard- about 2 Drops
    Short beard- about 3-4 Drops
    Medium beard- about 5-7 Drops
    Long beard- 7+ depending on preference

    You actually want to do your best to apply the oil directly to your skin. To achieve this effectively we recommend taking the dropper and dropping the desired oil amount onto your fingertips directly. Rub your fingertips together to spread evenly. Take your fingertips and massage the oil directly onto the skin. Continue to massage into the skin until most of the oil has been applied. Wipe the remnants of the oil onto the outer parts of your beard hair. Comb or brush to help evenly distribute further. And now you're ready to roll!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Gabriel Pethoud
    Fantastic 🦾

    All your products I’ve tried have been the best for me personally. I stopped cruising beard products after first trying the GraveWalker beard bundle(My fav)🥰. After purchasing 15 or so products since then with Valorhood and loving them!😃; I can guarantee I will continue buying these and trying all products. Can’t wait to see new fragrances also, you guys do a great job. I will continue to support! 🦾

    James Milton

    Rogue Sleuth Beard Oil

    Great product

    The rogue sleuth is my favorite! Both the oil and butter

    Robert M.
    Beard oil

    I have the draconic sorcerer and the rogue sleuth I really like the fragrance and how they keep my beard soft and smooth

    Keith J.
    That coffee scent though!

    I originally bought the oil sampler (I highly recommend it). But the Rogue Sleuth is the one I HAD to have. The coffee scent is so smooth. I've had other beard oils that smell more like pure coffee beans.....but this is even better!